Distinct from the other puppet types where the head is made of wood, the clay head of the iron-stick puppet is fragile but under the cautious care of the troupe members (and later collector), we can still admire its vigor and detailed facial expression. Partly due to their fragile nature, the puppet heads are kept separately and wrapped in foam or other protective material. Before the performance, troupe members help to attach the heads to the corresponding puppet bodies. The fingers of the puppet are made of wire that can be used to hold a prop or weapon. Puppeteers sit on a small stool or a mat when manipulating the puppets. If more puppets appear on stage, they can be rested on supports that are made of material like cast iron (visible when you rotate puppet to the back) to prevent these puppets from toppling. This set of puppets belong to the Sin Sai Poh Hong troupe established possibly in the mid-twentieth century and disbanded in 2015.