Originating from Wenchang of Hainan island in China, these rod puppets belong to the San Chun Long (三春隆) troupe and are possibly carved in 1921 or earlier. The troupe is still performing today and is the oldest surviving Hainanese puppet troupe in Singapore. The average puppet measures approximately 60 to 70 centimetres in height, which comprises a centralized rod that is connected to the head, and two thinner hand rods for manipulation. Some of these puppets have movable eyes, which appear to come to life with their life-size appearance. The puppets have no legs but according to the troupe, legs are added during martial plays to portray movements such as kicking. Given the literary nature of most plays performed today, these legs are hardly used. Manipulating the puppets while standing and singing at the same time can be strenuous especially given that each puppet weighs about 4kg with headgear. In 2014, the century-old rod puppets of San Chun Long were sent for repainting.