Welcome to the virtual world of traditional Chinese puppetry! Regardless of whether you have heard of this traditional theatrical form, we will bring you through this wonderful journey where you go back in time to learn about how the various puppets used to play a significant role in the lives of early Chinese migrants and Singaporeans. We also hope that after this "expedition”, you will be able to relate to these artefacts and show your support next time you see a puppet performance. Though originating from China, these puppets had gone through a colourful history of a century and the diversity of puppet types congregated on this small island is hardly seen elsewhere. The puppets reflect the regional culture of the early forefathers of Singapore who travelled from different parts of south China, specifically from the Fujian and Guangdong provinces. It was a splendid display of the local language, music, martial arts and many more.

 Henghua String Puppets 

Sin Hoe Ping is the last surviving Henghua puppet troupe in Singapore. Established in 1981, the troupe leader Yeo Lye Hoe has been involved in this trade for more than half a century.

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